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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Adoption, But Didn't Know Who to Ask.

1. How did adoption evolve throughout history and become what it is today?

2. What is the intersection between international adoption and child trafficking?

3. How have children been obtained from mothers, fathers, and communities?

4. Why are those who voice concern about adoption immediately called anti-adoption or labeled as bad? 

5. What do adoption agencies pray that you do not know about adoption?

6. What are adopted people saying about the practice today?

7. What needs to be done to stop the commodification and other concerns voiced by the people?

8. From what perspective should we look at adoption in order to protect local and global families from exploitation?

9. What human rights did the adoption pioneers ignore yesterday? Are rights respected today?

10. Plus answers to your own questions--questions you've always wanted to ask, but never got the chance.

About Rev. Dr. Janine Myung Ja

On the topic of adoption, contact Rev. Dr. VANCE, Janine Myung Ja, Philosophy at Her personal mission is to bring to light the value of each individual's identity, culture, and history. Such treasures have been permanently stolen by the global adoption child market. Today, adopted people and family members separated by adoption are working toward restoring and repairing all that has been torn and taken. Janine is proud to be a partner in the effort to restore the innate rights of all human beings.


Rev. Dr. VANCE, Janine Myung Ja, is the author and curator of numerous books and feature-length screenplays on the topic of international adoption that range from personal experiences to politics. Three of her more known books are Adoption History: An Adoptee’s Research, Adoptionland: from Orphans to Activists, and The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption (Vance). 

She and her twin, Jenette, serve as fundraising and awareness campaigners for Against Child Trafficking USA (ACTUSA) founded upon the investigational work of ACT EUROPE | INDIA  Since learning about the crisis of child trafficking to fill the international adoption market, one of Janine’s dreams has been to present an Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium. This wish is coming true in June 2022 at the Washington State History Museum.

In 2011 Janine and Jenette opened the virtual doors to Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network on social media and it has surprisingly become one of the few groups to acknowledge families separated by adoption. She was shocked to learn that the concerns of adopted people have been fiercely ignored by the Evangelical Orphan Movement (EOM), the pioneers of the mass child migrations. Fortunately, adopted people today are joining forces to make history together.

Janine holds a Ministerial Doctorate Degree in Philosophy Specializing in Conscious-Centered Living and a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science. Janine is a lifelong student of Eastern Philosophy and a proponent of Indigenous rights against the fundamentalist proselytizers. She is one of the few ministers you'll find that advocates for Freedom from Forced Religion.


I always appreciate new friends and colleagues. A family member separated because of adoption? Let's make history together.

Rev. Dr. VANCE, Janine Myung Ja, Philosophy

The Search for Mother Missing
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