What You Should Know About Adoption
From the People Who Lived it: 

The Presenters and Panelists will answer these questions:

1. How did adoption evolve throughout history and become what it is today?

2. What is the intersection between international adoption and child trafficking?

3. How have children been obtained from mothers, fathers, and communities?

4. Why are those who voice concern about adoption immediately called anti-adoption or labeled as bad? 

5. What do adoption agencies pray that you do not know about adoption?

6. What are adopted people saying about the practice today?

7. What needs to be done to stop the commodification and other concerns voiced by the people?

8. From what perspective should we look at adoption in order to protect local and global families from exploitation?

9. What human rights did the adoption pioneers ignore yesterday? Are rights respected today?

10. Plus answers to your own questions--questions you've always wanted to ask, but never got the chance.

Tyler Graf, adopted from Chile

Today's Featured Panelist:
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Tyler was adopted from Chile. Last year Tyler was told there was a DNA match with his mother, and it was then that he learned he also has three sisters. His mother lived in the poor countryside of Chile and went to the hospital for a C-section, but was told that her child died at birth. Tyler was kidnapped and sent to an orphanage three months prior to being adopted across international borders. The doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, and judges involved were part of this adoption scheme and his paperwork was considered legitimate. The adoption agency did not do their due diligence to research outside of the country and the financial, home, and criminal backgrounds checks are done in the United States. Today, Tyler set up an NGO called Connecting Roots which focuses on providing adult Chilean-born adoptees and their parents with free DNA kits to speed up the process of potential reunions and to spread awareness and education to hopefully reach Chilean mothers and adoptees. Meet Tyler Graf at the Adoption Trafficking Awareness Symposium and listen to the experiences of so many adopted people like him within the adoption constellation. Register on the homepage, use the QR code below or go straight to Eventbrite from here. Meet the more participants, panelists, and presenters here.

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